The latest Alcon RC6(Car70)calipers, specifically engineered to give you exceptional braking performance control, available for more applications now.



Alcon RC6 Custom Kit by Gusto are more lightweight,more durable and stronger than the OEM parts, that has a positive effect on the handling of the car.Whether it is for safety or street cred, Alcon RC6 is one of your good choice. 3 colors provided, this “burn red” really looks charming and eye-catching.



Designed for fast road and track use, RC6 gives you the braking power you nee, feature staggered pistons in order to ensure even pad wear, the pistons are also made from a proprietary steel, a material known for having exemplary thermal resistance when utilised in braking applications. Other design traits intended to help both calipers weather the extreme temperatures generated by hard braking include unique weatherproof seals, and an internal fluid passage way that negates the need for an external bridging pipe.



RC6 can be fitted with variant size discs, from 380mm to 410mm. In my opinion,I like as big as possible, Why?Cause it makes the brilliant A4 B9 looks much better, doesn't it.