There's no doubt that the word "Technology" can label Telsa cars. Supercharge, autopilot, 0-60mph in 3.4 seconds, twin motor four wheel drive. we sure that Tesla has brought customers new disruptive experiences.

Telsa has increased driving performance since Model 3 launched. Nobody will doubt the performance of Model 3. According to various test drive, we believe that Model 3 is not a perfect car with its deficient braking system. After all, Model 3 is 460 horsepower sportscar which weighs about 1.9 tons.

A owner from British has chosen RC6 brake kit for his Model 3.

RC6 is a 6-piston radial mount caliper provides better brake feeling, larger arm of force comes with larger diameter, which means more braking force.

We recommended customers to protect paint with fresh-keeping mold before installation. 

Alcon has equiped RC6 brake disc with S grooves which had been re-developed for better street performance.

The installation of calipers needs to be tightened with a torque wrench to ensure that the brake system won't have abnormal vibarations under heavy load.

After connect high-performance brake line, RC6 brake kit for Model 3 is finally completed.

Tesla Model 3 has evolved with RC6 brake kit, incredible straight speed and better corner speed make Model 3 a real performance car.

However, Gusto is not fully statisfied with this upgraded Model 3 until ÖHLINS suspension is on.