Brand new BMW 3 series upgrade with Alcon Car97

The brand new BMW 3 series (G20)  has been upgraded in the world. The classic model with 44 years history is always the benchenmark of compact executive cars. The 3 series has been more and more luxurious for marketing, some says it's not a proper 3 series any more. But it's still the ace model of BMW.

Speaking of Alcon Car97 caliper, which is a classic work in Alcon aftermarket series. It is integrated and compact. The Caliper retains the frosted surface left by metal in the casting process, making the shape compact and full of strength. Even launched for years, it is still the most reliable work in aftermarket series of Alcon.

According to different models, the 6-piston Car97 is able to be equipped with 355 or 380mm brake discs. In this case, the new BMW 3 Series is equipped with 355mm brake discs. Alcon's original Crescent groove brake disc which has better heat control than the ordinary discs. It extends the life of the brake disc while improving the friction.