Volvo XC90 upgrade with Alcon RC6

Before the introduction of RC series calipers, Alcon aftermarket calipers is relatively limited to the application of the model of sport touring cars and coupes. Facing the rapid development of the domestic large SUV market, the original product line is not enough.

Therefore, the RC series calipers, from the very beginning of the product project development, have made it clear that they should take the upgrade demand of the large SUV products into consideration as much as possible, which is intuitively saw in the more diversified product color selection and caliper size "upgrade" of the RC series calipers.

Alcon found that for large SUV drivers, the feeling of the brakes and the consistent, stable braking power are primary factors to be considered by market research, and upgraded appearance of the vehicle is important as well. The RC series wich bright spray paint are well meet the requirements of the SUV drivers.

In this case, this Volvo XC90 weighs more than 2 tons which fitted with single piston floating caliper. This XC90 is able to retained the original wheel hub with upgraded RC6 6-piston caliper which fitted 380mm Alcon original brake discs, it's believed that the driver should feel the changing of the spring changes underneath.

Besides XC90, RC series is also well fitted for large SUVs like Merc G, Rangerover and X5.