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  • Alcon Car89 Front Custom Kit
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  • Alcon Car89 Front Custom Kit

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Product parameters
  • Size:355×32mm
  • Size:380×32mm

Alcon was founded precisely because brakes are not just brakes. As well as being the primary active safety system on any car, the best brakes inspire confidence, augment the joy of driving and reduce lap times far more effectively and affordably than by adding power. And the best brakes are what we make, alongside clutch and pedal box systems for some of the most demanding and discerning clients on earth.

What's in the Box

Alcon Car89 Custom kit is supplied in two boxes, one for each hand, and includes all the parts that you will need:

● Special alloy disc and bell assembly.
 High quality lightweighted forged alloy 6 piston caliper.
 IDI D700 Performance brake pads
 Brackets and fixings.


Alcon Car89 calipers are gravity die cast for monobloc constructions using aluminium alloy for optimum strength and weight.


● Fully compatible with aftermarket ABS systems
 Steel staggered piston diameters reduce pad taper
 Stainless steel pistons as standard for improved resistance to thermal conductivity
 Quick change pads without removing calipers


Alcon floating discs have been engineered to produce optimum bite, thermal stability, and durability in an exceptionally high strength to low weight design. This has been achieved by combining a special Alcon-developed iron alloy disc with an aerospace specification alloy bell.

Unique crescent grooves on friction faces provide the bite usually associated with drilled discs without the attendant durability problems.

Directional curved cooling vanes for optimum cooling performance.

Disc Thickness: 32mm  
Outside Diameter:355mm/380mm 


The versatible pads that balance controllability and braking from, extensively covering from street to track.

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