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Product parameters
  • Size:332×28mm
  • Size:380×34mm
  • Size:400×34mm
  • Size:355×28mm
  • Size:380×28(R)mm
  • Size:360×28(R)mm

Grooves in the surface of a brake disc perform three

basic functions:

• To continuously refresh the brake pad surface by removing debris from the pad.

• To increase initial friction between the disc and pads, producing more‘bite’.

• To prevent a build-up of gas produced by the pad constituents and break the boundary layer of hot air that adheres to the surfaces of the disc.

More grooves generally mean that initial bite is higher

S grooves

The groove is divided into short segments so that a continuous disc surface area is maintained, helping to reduce thermal distortion. The curved form of each groove produces a longer edge than would otherwise be achieved if the grooves were straight. There is less grooving of the pad and disc surfaces with this design

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