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  • Size:332×28mm
  • Size:343×25mm
  • Size:343×32mm
  • Size:355×32(R)mm
  • Size:355×32mm
  • Size:365×32mm
  • Size:380×32(R)mm
  • Size:380×32mm
  • Size:390×36mm

Specify you Caliper: B-Type

Heat is an unavoidable by-product of friction. Managing this heat efficiently is extremely important in order to avoid it transferring to the pads, caliper and fluid. The disc manufactured as a single part, pumping air in different directions on each side of the vehicle. This causes varying levels of cooling efficiency and temperatures leading to judder and brake fade. Utilising a two-piece floating design allows the disc and hat to expand radially and axially as they absorb heat generated from use, avoiding the most common cause of warping and cracking seen in single-piece rotors. Due to the efficiency of this design, Revo discs last considerably longer than factory discs. The friction surface features crescent groves that increase bite and remove debris from the pad surface giving the perfect balance between brake feel and longevity while minimizing the pedal pulsations normally associated with straight-slotted rotors or cracking issues common with cross-drilled rotors.
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