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Attention vehicle owner: important notes

getting the best from your Alcon Custom  brake Kit conversion


Your new AlconCustom  brake Kit road car brake kit is derived from the brakes that Alcon supply to top motorsport teams throughout the world. The best professional race and rally drivers have to take care of their brakes to maintain optimum performance, and provided the following care points are observed, you too will maintain your brakes in peak condition and will continue to enjoy the very highest level of road braking performance.


Bedding In The life and performance of both pads and discs are reliant upon correct bedding. Always ensure that with new pads or discs, the bedding procedure detailed in the installation instructions is adhered to. Failure to do so could result in reduced disc and pad life, sub-standard performance or vibration.


Brake Fade Your brake kit uses a friction material that will out-perform conventional road car pads. Nevertheless, all friction materials, whether for road or race, have an upper limit of operation beyond which performance will deteriorate. If, under extreme use, you experience a degree of brake fade you will need to ‘protect the brake’ by backing off in order to allow the brakes to cool and regain friction performance.


Brake Life The friction material in your brake kit has been selected to offer the best compromise between stopping power and wear rate of pads and discs. However, in using the extra performance of the brake, it is likely that you will experience a higher rate of disc and pad wear than is typical of original equipment brakes. This effect will be magnified under very hard use although it is unlikely that you will need to change pads after 100 miles as is sometimes required on race and rally cars!


Brake Noise The combination of performance pad compound and grooves on the disc face gives excellent ‘bite’ and resistance to ‘pad glazing’. It may also give rise to some slight brake noise. In common with most disc brakes, some droning may be experienced after a period of hard use.


Heat Soak After heavy use, do not rest your foot on the brake pedal while the vehicle is stationary. This practice will cause heat to ‘soak’ from the disc to the caliper and so to the brake fluid. In extreme cases the fluid may boil, leading to very poor braking performance. In addition, maintaining contact between pads and discs when stationary can cause pad material to adhere to the disc face and give rise to vibration. It is good practice to always use the handbrake rather than the footbrake when the vehicle is stationary.


Inspection Brake pads and discs should be examined regularly for wear and condition. Pads with less than 2mm of friction material anywhere over the friction surface must be replaced. If a disc shows any signs of cracking, which may occur when the brakes have been subjected to heavy usage, it must be replaced. Furthermore, discs must be replaced when either the total thickness has reduced to the minimum indicated on the external mounting face, or when any of the grooves across either inner or outer face have been worn away. Remember to bed in new pads or discs according to the procedure in the Installation Instructions.


Cleaning As discs and pads wear during use, a metallic dust is created, which adheres to other car parts such as calipers, wheels and bodywork. If allowed to remain for any period of time, this material can become difficult to remove, especially on components that are subject to heat, such as wheels and calipers. All affected components should be washed regularly with warm water and mild detergent. If a specialist wheel cleaning product is to be used, extreme caution is advised as some products are aggressive to plated surfaces and paint finishes. Any brake fluid spilt on painted surfaces, including calipers, should be immediately and thoroughly removed with clean water, so as to prevent damage to the paint.



Servicing  Please refer to the brake kit installation instructions for full details of service and maintenance procedures.


N.B. This brake upgrade kit is intended for road use. If used on a racetrack or in competition, the user does so entirely at his or her own risk, and Alcon accepts no liability whatsoever for any consequences of such use.


Keep this document with your Owners Handbook for reference.


Every effort has been made during the preparation of this literature to ensure that the information provided is correct. However, Alcon reserves the right to change information without notice.