About us

Gusto Automotive Technology R&D Company

Since 2005

Key words

Innovation, Professional, Quality are the 3 key words in Gusto.

Innovation helps us turns ideas into reality,Professional means we bring the finest solution to our clients,Quality keeps us ahead of the market.


We brought the brake specialist Alcon to China.Nowadays we have been the one of the biggest Alcon distributor in the whole world. An independent brakes accessories factory is built in our headquarter Zhaoqing International Circuits, Guangdong, dedicated to producing brackets and hubs of Alcon custom kits by Gusto.


Our measurement team set up a mature vehicle brake database, over 80% of the vehicle models in the market had been measured. That's the way we are going.

For the new models ,we can easily complete the development in one week, from measurement to production.

Track performance on the road

As the official supplier of China Touring Car ChampionshipCTCC, leading motorsport event in

Asia, Gusto brought Alcon to the field it is used to being and made Alcon components stand at top level asian motorsport.


The data of motorsport provides our R&D team a very positive significance in aftermarket kits development, such as the design and material of brackets & hub, we keep optimizing our custom kits to lightweight, high strength and durable. Bring the track performance on the road.